I tried other place but I think the problem is relatively new but not sure. Any ways, I ran a java update on my work computer, update 1.6.0_29. I tried to run the dev instance of the application and the application freeze when it tries to connect to the database. The database is SQLServer 2008. No error is thrown the application just stops. The wired thing is that the application is running fine on the production server which is 2005. It wasn't occurring when I ran it through netbeans but then I realize it wasn't using the correct JDK for it. So, I download JDK1.6.0_29 and set it as my defualt platform in Netbeans and the problem occurred in netbeans to. I found a fix by using the old java product on my computer which is 1.6.0_27 but I want to find a way to fix it before others update their java. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.