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Thread: macro expanding feature in java

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    Default macro expanding feature in java

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to implement the macro expanding feature in java, the project description are

    Write a program to simulate the first phase of an assembler that provides a macro feature. Your program should read in an assembly program that has macro definitions and macros in use. Your program should remove the macro definitions and expand them wherever they are used in the file.

    For example:
    MACRO COPY $0 $1
    MOV AL,$0
    MOV $1,AL

    JMP start ; Jump to 'start' (main code)
    DB 30 ; Data table
    DB 31
    DB 32
    DB 33
    DB 34
    DB 35
    DB 36
    DB 37
    DB 38
    DB 39

    ORG 20 ; Assembler directive - start of main code
    start: ; label
    COPY [02],[C0]
    COPY [03],[C1]
    COPY [04],[C2]
    COPY [05],[C3]
    COPY [06],[C4]
    COPY [07],[C5]
    COPY [08],[C6]
    COPY [09],[C7]

    Would be translated to:

    JMP start ; Jump to 'start' (main code)
    DB 30 ; Data table
    DB 31
    DB 32
    DB 33
    DB 34
    DB 35
    DB 36
    DB 37
    DB 38
    DB 39

    ORG 20 ; Assembler directive - start of main code
    start: ; label
    MOV AL,[02]
    MOV [C0],AL
    MOV AL,[03]
    MOV [C1],AL
    MOV AL,[04]
    MOV [C2],AL
    MOV AL,[05]
    MOV [C3],AL
    MOV AL,[06]
    MOV [C4],AL
    MOV AL,[07]
    MOV [C5],AL
    MOV AL,[08]
    MOV [C6],AL
    MOV AL,[09]
    MOV [C7],AL

    You may use any reasonable macro definition scheme you wish to use. Ensure it can cope with macros with 0 to 5 arguments. Your program is purely a text processor that expands macros. The assembler in the simulator can handle the running of the transformed code.

    Your help will be highly appreciated.



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    Default Re: macro expanding feature in java

    What have you tried? Where are you stuck? Please see the link in my signature on asking questions the smart way.
    Useful links: How to Ask Questions the Smart Way | Use Code Tags | Java Tutorials
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