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Thread: Not sure what I'm supposed to do...

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    Default Not sure what I'm supposed to do...

    So today I got this programming assignment which is due in a week but I don't even understand what is being asked of me. Since my professor sucks at getting back to me via email, I have come to the internet for help.

    Create two implementations of the StringLogInterface interface as provided on [our school's website].
    One of your implementations must use an array for storage and the other must use a linked list for storage. You may not use any of the pre-defined Linked List classes, nor may you use an ArrayList.

    This was given to us on our school website:
    package stringLogs;
    public interface StringLogInterface
      void insert(String element);
      // Precondition:   This StringLog is not full.
      // Places element into this StringLog.
      boolean isFull();
      // Returns true if this StringLog is full, otherwise returns false.
      int size();
      // Returns the number of Strings in this StringLog.
      boolean contains(String element);
      // Returns true if element is in this StringLog,
      // otherwise returns false.
      // Ignores case differences when doing string comparison.
      void clear();
      // Makes this StringLog empty.
      String getName();
      // Returns the name of this StringLog.
      String toString();
      // Returns a nicely formatted string representing this StringLog.
      int howMany(String element);
      // Returns an int value indicating how many times element occurs
      // in the StringLog.
      boolean uniqueInsert(String element);
      // This method inserts element into the StringLog unless an identical
      // string already exists in the StringLog, in which case, it has 
      // no effect on the StringLog. If it does insert the string, it 
      // retuns true; otherwise it returns false. 
      String smallest();
      // This method returns the smallest string in the StringLog. By 
      // "smallest", we mean in terms of the lexicographic ordering
      // supported by the String class's compareTo method. As a 
      // precondition, you should assume that the StringLog is not
      // empty. 
    How do I get started? I'm not asking for anyone to write my code for me, just help me get started please! Thank you.

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    Default Re: Not sure what I'm supposed to do...

    What exactly are you having problems with? Start at the requirements - you need to implement an interface. See the following links:
    Interfaces (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Interfaces and Inheritance)
    What Is an Interface? (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Object-Oriented Programming Concepts)

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