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Thread: Project help...confusion with changing a getter/setter for a driver class

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    Default Project help...confusion with changing a getter/setter for a driver class

    We were given a class (ParkingSpot) where the constructor, getters/setters, and toString are already set up. Our assignment is to create a class (FindParking) that creates a current car location and four parking spots on four streets. One of the tasks to complete for the assignment is to change the amout charged for parking on streets 3 and 4. The instructions for this project state: "Let the first two parking spots have the default charge (25 cents) and set the last two to have a charge of 30 cents per 10 minutes interval. You can set the charge using the setCharge method from the ParkingSpot class." I not sure how to do this...I'm under the impression that I was to do this only from the FindParking class that I created. Both classes have been attached if someone could please take a look. I tried changing the code under the "Formulas" header in my class from: cost1 = spot1.getCharge()/spot1.INTERVAL * time; to cost1 = spot1.getCharge()+.05/spot1.INTERVAL * time; but this only added .05 to the result of the calculation....where am I going wrong?

    This project is due @ midnight so any quick help would be greatly appreciated.


    ParkingSpot Class:

    public class ParkingSpot {

    private String street;
    private double locationX;
    private double locationY;
    private int duration;
    private boolean available;
    private double charge;
    * The minimum time interval which can be paid for.
    public final int INTERVAL = 10; // minutes

    * The default charge for INTERVAL minutes
    public final double DEFAULT_CHARGE = 0.25;

    * Constructor: creates a parking spot object with specified values.
    * @param street is the street on which the parking spot is located
    * @param locationX is the x (E-W) coordinate
    * @param locationY is the Y (N-S) coordinate
    * @param duration is the maximum limit on how long a car can park at this spot
    public ParkingSpot(String street, double locationX, double locationY, int duration) {
    this.street = street;
    this.locationX = locationX;
    this.locationY = locationY;
    this.duration = duration;
    available = true;
    charge = DEFAULT_CHARGE;

    /** Gets the maximum limit on how long a car can park at this spot.
    * @return the maximum limit on how long a car can park at this spot
    public int getDuration() {
    return duration;
    /** Set the the maximum limit on how long a car can park at this spot
    * @param duration the maximum limit on how long a car can park at this spot
    public void setDuration(int duration) {
    this.duration = duration;

    /** Checks whether the parking spot is available
    * @return whether the parking spot is available
    public boolean isAvailable() {
    return available;

    /** return the cost for one time interval
    * @return the charge
    public double getCharge() {
    return charge;

    /** Set the charge for one time interval
    * @param charge the charge to set
    public void setCharge(double charge) {
    this.charge = charge;

    /** Sets the space to be available or not available
    * @param available true is the parking spot is available, false otherwise
    public void setAvailable(boolean available) {
    this.available = available;

    /** Get the street on which the parking space is located
    * @return the street
    public String getStreet() {
    return street;

    /** Get the east-west coordinate of the parking spot
    * @return the locationX
    public double getLocationX() {
    return locationX;

    /** Get the north-south coordinate of the parking spot
    * @return the locationY
    public double getLocationY() {
    return locationY;

    /* Returns a String representation of the parking spot
    * (non-Javadoc)
    * @see java.lang.Object#toString()
    public String toString() {
    return "ParkingSpot [street=" + street + ", locationX=" + String.format("%6.2f", locationX)
    + ", locationY=" + String.format("%6.2f", locationY) + ", duration=" + duration
    + ", available=" + available + "]";

    FindParking Class:

    import java.text.DecimalFormat;
    import java.util.*;
    public class FindParking {

    * @param args
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    int time;
    double distance1,distance2,distance3,distance4, cost1, cost2, cost3, cost4, x0, y0, x1,x2,x3,x4,y1,y2,y3,y4;
    DecimalFormat fmt = new DecimalFormat ("0.##");
    ParkingSpot spot1, spot2, spot3, spot4;

    /**Creates a random generator and
    * plants a "seed" to create a range
    * of values for the starting point
    * location and the parking spot location.
    long seed;
    Random rand = new Random();

    /**Creates a scanner to input the
    * "seed" and the amount of time
    * needed to park.
    Scanner scan = new Scanner (System.in);

    System.out.println("Enter a number between 0 and 9000000000000000000: ");
    seed = scan.nextLong();
    System.out.println ("Enter the number of minutes: ");
    time = scan.nextInt();

    x0 = rand.nextDouble()*100;
    x1 = rand.nextDouble()*100;
    x2 = rand.nextDouble()*100;
    x3 = rand.nextDouble()*100;
    x4 = rand.nextDouble()*100;
    y0 = rand.nextDouble()*100;
    y1 = rand.nextDouble()*100;
    y2 = rand.nextDouble()*100;
    y3 = rand.nextDouble()*100;
    y4 = rand.nextDouble()*100;

    /**Creates the parking spot
    * objects
    spot1 = new ParkingSpot ("Thumb Drive", x1, y1 ,60);
    spot2 = new ParkingSpot ("Kershaw Blvd",x2,y2,60);
    spot3 = new ParkingSpot ("Dodger Blue Pkwy",x3,y3,60);
    spot4 = new ParkingSpot ("Matt Kemp Ln",x4,y4,60);

    /**Formulas used for finding the
    * distance to the parking spot
    * and the cost to park there.
    distance1 = Math.abs ((x0 - y0) + (x1 - y1));
    distance2 = Math.abs ((x0 - y0) + (x2 - y2));
    distance3 = Math.abs ((x0 - y0) + (x3 - y3));
    distance4 = Math.abs ((x0 - y0) + (x4 - y4));

    cost1 = spot1.getCharge()/spot1.INTERVAL * time;--This is where I need help
    cost2 = spot2.getCharge()/spot2.INTERVAL * time;
    cost3 = spot3.getCharge()/spot3.INTERVAL * time;
    cost4 = spot4.getCharge()/spot4.INTERVAL * time;

    /**Prints out the spot's information and the
    * results generated from the time and location
    * "seed" inputs.

    System.out.println(spot1 + "\n" + "distance: " + fmt.format(distance1) + "\tcost: $"+ fmt.format(cost1));
    System.out.println(spot2 + "\n" + "distance: " + fmt.format(distance2) + "\tcost: $"+ fmt.format(cost2));
    System.out.println(spot3 + "\n" + "distance: " + fmt.format(distance3) + "\tcost: $"+ fmt.format(cost3));
    System.out.println(spot4 + "\n" + "distance: " + fmt.format(distance4) + "\tcost: $"+ fmt.format(cost4));
    System.out.println("Position of car: " + "x: " + fmt.format(x0) + "\ty: " + fmt.format(y0));

    /**Sets up the if statements to
    * determine the closest parking spot

    Math.min(distance1, distance2);
    Math.min(distance1, distance3);
    Math.min(distance1, distance4);
    Math.min(distance2, distance1);
    Math.min(distance2, distance3);
    Math.min(distance2, distance4);
    Math.min(distance3, distance1);
    Math.min(distance3, distance2);
    Math.min(distance3, distance4);
    Math.min(distance4, distance1);
    Math.min(distance4, distance2);
    Math.min(distance4, distance3);
    if (distance1<distance2 && distance1<distance3 && distance1<distance4){
    System.out.println ("The closest spot is " + fmt.format(distance1) + " away.");
    if (distance2<distance1 && distance2<distance3 && distance2<distance4){
    System.out.println ("The closest spot is " + fmt.format(distance2) + " away.");
    if (distance3<distance1 && distance3<distance2 && distance3<distance4){
    System.out.println ("The closest spot is " + fmt.format(distance3) + " away.");
    if (distance4<distance1 && distance4<distance2 && distance4<distance3){
    System.out.println ("The closest spot is " + fmt.format(distance4) + " away.");

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    Default Re: Project help...confusion with changing a getter/setter for a driver class

    ...wow, funny how walking away from code you've been writing for awhile and coming back after a break makes a difference....I figured out the problem and it's now giving the required result.


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