Hello everyone,

I'm have written a web app in netbeans 6.8. Using JSP and Servlet. Tomcat6.
My app reads xml file, do some things and writes another file. It is ok while I'm working throuth localhost. I just copy file's full path to jsp input type text, request the servlet to get parameter, it reads the file, writes another file, everything is ok.

My question would be, is it possible to do same things on web server? When client enter the file path and app reads, writes it and so on...
I tried to do that,
at first I have the problem with permissions, I solved it by editing catalina.policy file, granted permissions in it. Now it is no errors, but the servlet gives me no results, It doesnt reads file ant so on.
What could it be?

Or the only way is:
at first to upload file to server and then read it? But how could get my outputfile?

Any help would be very appreciate.