1. My name is Anand Patil, I have developed a web project with my partner.
2. We both are using Tom Cat 6.0. And eclipse Juno as a IDE
3. My partner is using operating system Windows 07 and I am using operating system Windows XP.
4. All project files are exported on Windows 07 by using File System through eclipse juno
5. When I import all project files by using File Systems on Windows XP through eclipse juno it gets imported properly.
6. Now I have added a simple code System.out.println("check point one"); with other SOP. After addition of a small code
I run the server, and when I check the output I donot get my newly added SOP message. The out put that I get is of previous code.
7. This shows that updations in code are not working properly.
8. Can any body will help me in getting out of this problem?
9. I think may this problem is due to use of different operating system. Is it so?

Actions taken to solve this problem are as bellow -

1. We checked BuildAutomatically check mark from proect ment, that was on.
2. We also clicked on clean option from project menu and we also refreched project list.
3. We also deleted the whole project, server and workspace.
4. We re-created workspace on different location and then re-imported the project.
5. We also cleared Work directory that is present in ProgramFiles of TomCat server directory.

By taking all above actions still we are facing same problem.