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Thread: IP camera programming

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    Default IP camera programming

    Hi everybody,

    I have a very general question, hope it is in the right place.

    I need to write a software that will be able to record simultaneously multiple high speed IP cameras and play that recorded video in slow motion. I have never programmed something like this, so I have no idea what I'm getting into.

    Is Java good for this? There are many aspects that I'm not familiar with here:
    1. how easy is to record the stream from IP camera and put all the recordings from all cameras in the same file?
    2. can Java "handle" high speed cameras (lots of data - frames per second)?
    3. a lot of resources should be used, multiprocessor platform. Is Java good in enviroments like this?

    So, can Java make a request like this happen? Any oppinions, experiences...? Any potential problems I haven't mentioned?

    Thanks in advance. Once again, sorry if this is the wrong subforum or if I have missed the point of this forum. This is my first post.

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    Default Re: IP camera programming


    You are right, those are quite general questions

    1: Just wondering, why would the recordings need to be in the same file? Java has quite elegant data stream handling, so i suppose it'd suite the need quite well. How you access the camera streams - do you have some kind of api/driver directly to the stream or are the cameras saving their feed to files and you'd access the video files and not the video stream?

    2: Java is nowadays quite efficient, if a bit memory intensive. Depends more on the hardware that the platform has. HDD speed, CPU speed and RAM amount mainly. There might be some options with handling the videos with GPU if you need to process it somehow ( jcuda.org - Java bindings for CUDA and jocl.org - Java bindings for OpenCL for example ).

    3: Java Virtual Machine fully supports concurrency. Here's a short paper about it: http://www.cs.hut.fi/u/tlilja/multic..._multicore.pdf

    Sorry about the vague answers, i did my best
    But to sum it up, my opinion is that Java implementation will do as well on the job as any other language implementation.

    Best of luck to your project

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    Default Re: IP camera programming

    dont think you need to write the app cos it is allready done its called motion works best on ubuntu its in the repos you can record from multiple ipcamers webcams anything you can save it as video or images as for slowmotion i would imagine there is softwarer for that too i think vlc player can do it but if your determined to do it yourself get a copy of motion and look at source to see how they do it

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