Hi guys,

One of my client requested me to do a Java program for accessing web pages (like a spider/crawler), but only for intranet purpose. So, I tried to use Prowser library, HtmlUnit library, and the built-in Java API, using URL object and InputStream.

I managed to access some pages, but only those that didn't have javascript enabled verification with <noscript> tags. In pages in which these tags appear the returns is that the page cannot be shown cuz the Javascript isn't enabled. I've been searching a way to bypass this verification, and I didn't find it. In some cases, the return is that the library (Prowser or HtmlUnit), can't deal with application/x-javascript, only deals with text/javascript or ecma/javascript that is the standard in the most browsers . How could I access HTML pages with javascript enabled verification, avoiding the javascript verification?

Best Regards!