Hello All,

I am doing a J2ME project involving MMAPI streaming.

Basically its a small media player can stream youtube content.

I have no previous "streaming" coding experience.

p3 = Manager.createPlayer("rtsp://a....................link/video.3gp");
The above code is correct for RTSP streaming, isn't it?

I don't have own streaming server, I searched google, found many rtsp links, but none of them is playable from my MMAPI player, tested with Sun Java Mobile emulator.

my questions are

1. Is RTSP streaming really possible with MMAPI?
2. If above code is correct, why my player not able to play any rtsp link from google (MMAPI always generated errors). Do anyone know good RTSP + 3GP links I can have a test.
3. If above code is incorrect, what is the correct code for playing streaming media, RTSP protocol with 3GPP content. Any special settings ?
4. Does anyone have experience of streaming youTube content with MMAPI? Does youtube allow that? What are the general steps?

Please help me out.