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Thread: j2me

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    Question j2me

    Hi...i want to print table format values from rms...am using this code...but not working properly...last values only printing multiple times...how to rectify tis error..pls suggest me...

    public Table getTable2() {
    		try {
    			//select data from OrderTempList database show on grid table
    		//recordstoretemp = RecordStore.openRecordStore("OrderTempListDB", true);
    			byte[] byteInputData = new byte[200];
    			ByteArrayInputStream inputStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(
    			DataInputStream inputDataStream = new DataInputStream(inputStream);
    			numrec = recordstoretemp.getNumRecords();
    			System.out.println("Total records :"+ numrec);
    			for (int j = 1; j <= numrec; j++) {
    				recordstoretemp.getRecord(j, byteInputData, 0);
    				Salesname = inputDataStream.readUTF();
    				Partyname = inputDataStream.readUTF();
    				Itemlist = inputDataStream.readUTF();
    				Listofweight = inputDataStream.readUTF();
    				Quantity = inputDataStream.readUTF();
    				Datetime = inputDataStream.readUTF();
    				System.out.println(Partyname + ":::" + Itemlist + ":::"
    						+ Quantity + ":::" + Listofweight);
    				try {
    					if (table2 == null) {
    						int a = numrec;
    						String SivaStore = Partyname.toString();
    						String ToorDhall = Itemlist.toString();
    						String kg = Listofweight.toString();
    						String aa = Quantity.toString();
    						TableCell cells[][] = new TableCell[a][4];
    						for (int i = 0; i < a; i++)
    							System.out.println("table values");
    							cells[i][0] = new TableCell(
    									TableCell.CellType.STRING1, SivaStore);
    							cells[i][1] = new TableCell(
    									TableCell.CellType.STRING2, ToorDhall);
    							cells[i][2] = new TableCell(
    									TableCell.CellType.STRING3, kg);
    							cells[i][3] = new TableCell(
    									TableCell.CellType.NUMBER, String
    						String header[] = new String[] { "PartyName",
    								"ItemName", "WightItem", "Quantity" };
    						setData(new int[] { 120, 80, 70, 70 }, header, cells);
    				} catch (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException e) {
    					// TODO: handle exception
    					System.out.println("Error" + e.getMessage());
    		catch (Exception error) {
    		return table2;

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    Default Re: j2me


    What are you expecting the code will return?
    What is the error you get?

    java memory
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