Hi Everyone,
I have a problem with building my project so after lots of trials I ended up putting this code in one of the classes and debuginng the project in Eclipse:
java.io.File file = new java.io.File(""); //Dummy file
String abspath=file.getAbsolutePath();
System.out.println("current dir is " + abspath.toString());

I'm working on a 'Network Service' account and this is what I'm getting when I debug:
[INFO] current dir is C:\

However, when I run the same project with the same eclipse installation etc on a new 'Local System' account that I created I get this:
[INFO] current dir is C:\EclipseWorkspace\SampleProject

Both accounts have admin rights so I'm very confused as to why I'm getting different results. I need to have my current dir as C:\EclipseWorkspace\SampleProject
on my 'Network Service' account. Does anyone have any idea on how I can solve this problem? please...