The building of my android app failed with a new strange set of errors:

The app/app/build/generated/data_binding_base_class_source_out/debug/out/com/comTest/theapp/databinding/ error: illegal '.' public final com.comTest.theapp..utilsviews.MyTextView pin8;

The class MyTextView is defined in the app/utils/views/MyTextView.kt it looks like the generator of java code makes a mistake.

As this code is right in generated java, I don't know how to correct the error or where to begin to fix the problem.

The application compiled fine then I did the following from the reference from this technical blog:

* created a scratch.kt file where I needed to import some file defined in the utils folder
* updated some stuff (Gradle plugin, targetSDK value, remove redundant dependencies) following the suggestion of android-studio. It was the usual stuff when updating android-studio internals.

The errors appear in the file which start with: "// Generated by view binder compiler. Do not edit!"