I wonder if anybody else has run into this random but recurrent and annoying problem (I am running NetBeans 8.2 in Windows):

Sometimes ... and only happens sometimes... maybe 1 out of 10... when my program ends (running from the IDE in debug mode) the program closes and exits but the IDE gets completely LOCKED; no messages ... nothing! No buttons can be pressed (including the "X" close window). The only way out is to CTRL-ALT-DEL and end the task.

I've learned to live with it but is really annoying and I cannot find any leads when googling for this behavior.

One thing I have noticed ... it seems to do it only with relatively complex projects. It does not happen with simple projects (whatever that means).
It happens whether I end my program with System.exit(0) or just let it dispose() all things normally (allow garbage collector do its thing).

Any hints? Has anyone run into anything like this? Maybe something about NetBeans settings? However...I have reinstalled and no luck. I even tried NetBeans 12.4 to see if the problem would go away...nope!