Iím a retired Java programmer trying to reinvigorate my Java chops. Prior to my retirement six years ago, I had been doing extensive web and web services programming in Java, using GlassFish and sometimes Tomcat on the backend. Now Iím doing some short term consulting and I need to write a REST client to manage data on a SalesForce instance. Since my current laptop was purchased post-retirement, Java was not installed on it, I went to the Oracle site and downloaded and installed Java v15.0.2. Also, since in my working days, I used the Eclipse IDE, I downloaded and installed the current version for the Eclipse Foundation website.

The Salesforce REST API documentation includes a sample Java class so I decided to start with that. I created a Java project and added the class. As itís dependent on a number of components in the org.apache.commons.httpclient package, I downloaded the jarfile and added it to the classpath in Eclipse. From the Package Explorer, I can see the jarfile under Reference Libraries. When I click on it, I can see the classifies required. Yet, according to the editor the classes in question are not accessible. This is obviously an Eclipse issue, but as I donít know what exactly it is, I donít know how to fix it. Whether or not itís germane to this issue or not, I do not know, Iím in a MacOS environment (I used to do all me development work on a linux workstation but that should be irrelevant). Also, the jarfile is dated from 2013. I donít know whether there are more recent versions but according to the MANIFEST, it was build using Java V1.5.0_09. Could that be part of the problem?