Dear members and administrators,

A greeting of peace.

Last week I was astounded to the new version of Netbeans 6.8 and I'd downloaded the installer with ALL the package it has (as in the one with a big file size, hahaha).

I installed ALL of its package, I left nothing.

I tried mobile, I tried a little Web (Servlets), and it works perfectly fine, but when I tried to create a simple Hello World using PHP, the problem is that the output could not be displayed in the Web browser everytime I click the Run Project command. I just wonder, is there an additional requirement/s I should do first? I hope someone with a good heart could help me step by step on how to achieve this.

Additional Note:

  1. I have IIS installed, but I changed the port to 81, because the installer (NETBEANS 6.8) has Apache TOMCAT so I installed it also), so to avoid some conflicts between the two Web Server Softwares.
  2. I have downloaded php-5.3.1-nts-Win32-VC9-x86.msi and installed it on D:\Program Files\PHP directory.

Thank you and God bless everyone!

Respectfully yours,