principle of work :
skills or abilities can be added to an instance of a living grimoire (a chobit class) via the personality class's object instance using just one line of code

much like the learning scene in the movie matrix, in which Neo has skills installed in his mind, such as kung fu

the skills logic is kept inside the skill itself

when conditions are met the skill is triggered and it will send out an algorithm, which is a list of actions known as algorithm parts, to run.

the brain class was created to address the issue of cluttered main classes it can be used to keep all the hardware logic code such as converting a string of output text into audio, for example.

the objectives of the living grimoire
1 make coding simple. the main objective the Living Grimoire accomplishes is in reducing the task of coding to simply use 1 line of code to add a skill or 1 line of code to choose a personality, which is a skill set

2 organization : the abilities of the living grimoire are packet neatly in their respective skills

3 the Living Grimoire was developed for the purpose of developing waifubots, robotic girlfriends. users may publish skills in the Living Grimoire forums or post demos of skills for sale.

in this way users may choose skills or hardware beef ups they wish for their waifubot and add this skills using 1 line of code.

4 ease of collaboration

to collaborate with anyone on a project, all that is needed to do is add his skill to the living grimoire instance using 1 line of code

key differences between the living grimoire and assistants such as Alexa, Bixby and Siri
swift ability to absorb any skill using one line of code
fusion and communication between skills : several skills can run together, pausing and resuming one another as needed
priority of skills : for example fight or flight type skills take priority over other skills to protect what is dearest to the AI
can form multistep algorithms to achieve goals
actions can mutate upon failure.
skill levels 1 and 2 require the user to use the chobits name or hidden name to engage while skill level 0 require no innate special permission to engage
no censorship
step by step walkthroughed documentation
fully customizable TTS

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yotamarker dot com for more info
check out the livingrimoire area