I have applet class that connect to servlet using many Serializable DataObjects classes I created three projects in Netbeans, Project 1 is web application project that have the servlet class and index.jsp file. Project 2 is JAVA project application that have jApplet class , and project 3 is JAVA project application that have all Serializable DataObjects classes and other java classes .

I added project 3 as jar file to project 1 and 2 to make the Data Objects classes available for servlet and jApplet.

Now I want to the jApplet class from project 2 to the index.jsp in project 1 to communicate with servlet through Serializable DataObjects.

My Question: is waht I am doing is right, if yes, how I can include the jApplet to jsp file in such away that can communicate with servlet, and how I can set the path of jApplet correctly.

Thanks in advance