Hi guys,

I've been working on a sysex editor and I hit a wall with sending the message to the MIDI device. Everything else is working so far up to being able to get a file form the MIDI deivce, transfer to hex, save, etc ....

But I'm using receiver.send() to send the sysex message and it's sending the sysex message to my MIDI hardware device too fast. I've already determine that the line causing the problem is ...

device_Rec.send(sysexMessage, -1);

I can send an unedited file to the MIDI device and it works fine, but if the file has one change the MIDI device throw a BUFFER OVERFLOW message as soon as it hits that sysex message being passed. There are 140 sysex messages containing 160 bytes that are begin dumped when I send the full syses dump. The MIDI Device I am using does not allow individual messages to be sent, it has to be the whole thing. Although I don't think that would solve my problem either.

I've tried thread.sleep() and wait()/notify() before and after the line above, but all that does is slow down the individual messages. As soon as it hits one that has a difference between the sysex file I have saved and what is on the MIDI device is throws that BUFFER OVERFLOW error.

Anyone have any ideas?