Hi All,

I am trying to use JExcelAPi lib to read an xls file and copy from a specific fields all the non empty values (with formatting if possible) to a new sheet (and work book if possible) with a specified sheet name and file name.
The proble is that even if I pass the correct pramateres to the method to write I write only the first content and in wrong position :< .
An example of the class of writing is below:
public class ExcelWriter {

public static void writeExcelCell(String path, String Content, String SheetName, int cell_column, int cell_row)

FileOutputStream file = new FileOutputStream(path,true);
WritableWorkbook wb2=Workbook.createWorkbook(file);
WritableSheet sheet2;
sheet2 = wb2.createSheet(SheetName, 0);

Label label = new Label(cell_column, cell_row, Content);


catch(Exception l)
System.out.println("Write Excel exception: " +l.getMessage());


This method should be called for any cell non empty to be copied.
Does anyone face that issue? Any help available appreciated.
Thank you!