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Thread: Find the password with dictionary attack

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    Default Find the password with dictionary attack

    I have 2 files , one zip file and one more txt file.I want to find out the password of the zip file with the help of txt file.In txt file I have some words and one of them is the right password.The problem is here , when I put the right word at first the programm works but when i put it everywhere else it doesn't work. Also I use the Arcmexer jar for my program.I suspect that the problem is here:

    while ((entry = r.nextEntry())!= null && (line = br.readLine())!= null)

    Here I saw you my programm.
    So if anyone knows something , help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The password is "12345678" and is in txt file.

     import java.io.*;  
       import com.javamex.arcmexer.*;  
           public class Decryption{  
           public static void main(String[] args) {  
               //String pw = "12345678";  
               String line = null;  
               //int recCount = 0;   
               int count = 0;  
               String x = null;  
       try {  
       FileInputStream f = new FileInputStream("C://ReadZip.zip");  
       ArchiveReader r = ArchiveReader.getReader(f);  
       ArchiveEntry entry ;  
       FileReader fr = new FileReader("C://test.txt");  
       BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(fr);  
       while ((entry = r.nextEntry())!= null && (line = br.readLine())!= null) {  
       String filename = entry.getFilename();  
       System.out.println("What is the password of " + filename + "?");  
       if (entry.isProbablyCorrectPassword(line)){  
       System.out.println("Password found: " + line);  
       if (count==1)  
       x = "st" ;  
       else if (count==2)  
       System.out.println("We found the password with the: " + count + x + " trial");  
       System.out.println("That password isn't the correct.Try again");  
       } catch (Exception e){  
       System.out.println("Exception raised!");  

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    Default Re: Find the password with dictionary attack

    I think you will find it is because you keep looping through the entries in the zip file, im guessing you only have one! Stop looping through grab the entry once and keep it.

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