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Thread: Exception catching, but i'm getting no output to the console?

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    Default Exception catching, but i'm getting no output to the console?

    Hello, i've been messing around with basic scripting in java, and now i'm trying to get exceptions down. Here is the code:
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    package First;
    import java.util.InputMismatchException;
    import java.util.Scanner;
     * @author Office
    public class Constructorexample {
        public int total;
        public static int yourage;
        public static String yourname;
       static Scanner s = new Scanner(System.in);
        public static void getnameandage(String name, int age){
          int l = name.length();       
          int ax2 = age*2;
           System.out.println("The total length of your name is " + l);
           System.out.println("Your age x 2 = " + ax2);
        public static void main(String[] args) 
            System.out.println("Please enter your name:");
            yourname = s.nextLine();
    }catch (Exception e){
    System.out.println("Wrong input!");
            System.out.println("Now please enter your age:");
            yourage = s.nextInt();
            getnameandage(yourname, yourage);

    I want to check if the user input a number instead of letters, and vice verse for the second prompt. I've tryed a try/catch block around yourname=s.nextLine(); and this stop the program from stopping, but it wont display text like I ask it to. Could someone help me out here? I also would like the program to ask the question again once the error is displayed, how would I do that? Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: Exception catching, but i'm getting no output to the console?

    Found this at Check if my int contains an int (try/catch) (Beginning Java forum at JavaRanch), granted, it deals with an int, but similiar concept with string:

    System.out.print("Please enter int number: ");
    while (!keyboard.hasNextInt()
    System.err.print("That wasn't an int number. Try again: ");
    i = keyboard.nextInt();

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    Default Re: Exception catching, but i'm getting no output to the console?

    nextLine() is unlikely to throw an exception. If it does it will have nothing to do with the user having entered something that *could* be interpreted as a number. After all, there is no law actually forbidding a person's parents naming them "3.142" (and adopting the obvious familial nickname).

    If you want to check that the user does not enter something like that as their name you should parse what nextLine() returns as a double or int. Then if there is no exception thrown you know they have entered a numeral.

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