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  • Welcome! If it's your first time here, please read this.

    Welcome! If it's your first time here, please read and follow these rules and guidelines.

    1. Properly format your posts. This includes using code tags to ensure that your code is easy to distinguish from the text, as well as proper usage of text sizes and/or capitalized words. See the forum FAQ if you are unsure on how to use BBCode formatting tags.

    The most common tag you'll probably use is the syntax highlighting tag (aka code tag). To use this tag, type [highlight=Java] before your code segment, and [/highlight] after your code segment.

    // your code goes here
    public static void main(String[] args)

    This looks like:

    // your code goes here
    public static void main(String[] args)

    2. Try to stay on topic. Depending on the flow of the topic conversation, off topic posts will either be moved delete. Please don't spam.

    3a. Cross posting between different forums is allowed. This allows a wide base of discussion as different people frequent different forums. However, we strongly encourage you to follow the rules of other forums when it comes to cross posting (ex.: Java Forums.org dis-allows cross posting and Java Ranch asks that you list the sites you are cross posting on).

    3b. Please post links to the sites you have cross-posted your question(s) on. This allows our members to join in on the discussion without having to ask the same questions over again. See The Problems With Cross Posting for greater details on this subject.

    3c. Please perform a search either using the forum search engine or with your favorite search engine (google, bing, yahoo, etc.) before posting a new question. Chances are your question may have already been answered somewhere else and we would prefer not to waste members time by answering the same questions multiple times. You can also check out the Common Java Mistakes articles to see if a similar problem to yours has already been solved.

    3d. While cross posting between multiple forums is allowed, don't post multiple topics with the same question on this forum. If you do, they will be merged and/or deleted. Try searching through the forums for answers to a similar question you had and look through the answers given there. If none of them sufficiently address your question, then please do post a new topic (only one) in the appropriate forum.

    4. Be courteous and respectful to other members. If you're asking a question, remember that other members are donating their time to help answer your question. If you're replying to a topic, please be courteous and understanding to posts which may not be "up to par". Kindly guide them to links which can help them make better posts in the future.

    5. This website does not condone any illegal activity (sharing of copyrighted materials illegally, planning any attacks against anyone, etc.). Any activity contrary to this will result in negative consequences.

    6. Please marked your posts as solved once they have been sufficiently answered. The preferred method to do this is to use the thread tools to mark a your topic as solved. To do this, go to the menu bar above the first post, choose thread tools..., and then click mark this thread as solved...


    7. While we will help you with your homework/other projects, realize we won't do it for you. If we see that you have at least given some effort, we will try to assist you free of charge (aka. posting code, giving us your thoughts on how to solve the problem). Providing homework solutions in full or in part is frowned upon, and contributions that are considered as such will be subject to moderation (editing and/or deletion)

    8. Try to be as specific as possible. Outline all the details necessary for us who have never seen the question so we can understand what it is you are asking. We can understand if you don't know the exact terminology, but the closer you are the easier it will be for us to understand. Don't post your entire code (especially if it's really long) without any explanation and expect us to debug the whole thing for you. Provide a Short, Self Contained, Correct Example (SSCCE). For more information on SSCCE, visit http://sscce.org

    9. Try to find the right category to post your question under. Different members run through different categories, and if you don't post your question in a appropriate category, those members might not see your question. That being said, we will try to move questions into the appropriate category. Make sure that you follow item 3d (don't post the same topic into multiple categories).

    10. Javascript and Java are not the same thing! If you do post javascript, we will try to help you, but realize that we may not be able to because this forum is focused on Java, not Javascript and most of our members have limited (if any) knowledge of how Javascript works or even what it is.

    11. Pick good post titles that summarize your problem. Titles like "Help! Java problems" are not going to give us a whole lot of information on what your problem is, where is "Need help using for loops" is more specific and will tell us what it is you need help on.

    12. Understand that the people who can answer your question are not on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have our own lives (well, most of us do), and are only online at certain times. If you need help on something, ASK IT WELL IN ADVANCE (24-48 hours to be safe).

    Thank you for your time, and happy coding!
    1. arvindbis -
      i'm not able to create article. how can i create one?
    1. javapenguin -
      I know this might seem a bit childish, and even more so since I've done it a couple of times before, but sometimes I've found spammers and made a comment in their profile and then reported myself so as to tip off mods and admins to the spammer. Could I get in trouble for doing that?

      I seemed as good of an idea as going to the email thingy and mentioning a list.