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Thread: Problem with 2d array

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    Default Problem with 2d array


    I am having trying to model a deck(s) of cards in Java and am having trouble with an array. I want to get a 2d array with the first set being the value of the card and the second being the suit.
    If i leave it as a 1d array, just adding the card values, everthying works fine but when I try to change to 2d all I get is Null.pointerException and ArrayIndexOutOfBounds errors.

    public class decks
        // instance variables - replace the example below with your own
        private int numberOfDecks;
        private int totalNoCards;
        private String cardArray[][];
        private String oneDeck[] = {"Two","Three","Four","Five","Six","Seven","Eight","Nine","Ten","Jack","Queen","King","Ace"};
        private String suits[] = {"Clubs","Spades","Hearts","Diamonds"};
         * Constructor for objects of class decks
        public decks(int numberOfDecks)
            // initialise instance variables
            this.numberOfDecks = numberOfDecks;
            this.totalNoCards = numberOfDecks * 52;
            cardArray = new String[0][totalNoCards];
         * An example of a method - replace this comment with your own
         * @param  y   a sample parameter for a method
         * @return     the sum of x and y 
        public void addCards() 
            int counterOne = 1;
            int counterTwo = 0;
            int counterThree = 0;
            int counterFour = 0;
            while(counterOne <= numberOfDecks) {
                cardArray[0][counterTwo] = oneDeck[counterThree];
                if(counterThree > 12) {
                    counterThree = 0;
                    if(counterFour > 3) {
                        counterFour = 0;

    I am sure there is something simple I am missing. Any help is much appreciated.


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    Default Re: Problem with 2d array

    In Java, a 2D array is basically an array of arrays.

    So, you need to initialize the array of arrays, then initialize the "internal" arrays.

    It's much easier to create a Card object that has the suit and the value of the card than to use a 2D array.

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    Default Re: Problem with 2d array

    Inspect the line where you create your array...you've initialized an array of an array, with the first array of length zero (it should be of length > 0)
     cardArray = new String[0][totalNoCards];

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