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Thread: sight training

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    Default sight training

    I wonder if there is any one who can help? Recently went into hospital with heart problem and had a stroke while there

    damaging vision field. Asked for help from NHS and there is no software available to help restore brain/sight

    function...unless you have over 1000.00.
    So having programmed in basic many years ago thought it would be possible to create a simple program to stimulate the field

    of vision.

    This is what is needed:
    a full screen field of a light or white background;

    A dot or cross in centre of screen;

    a graphic around the size of 5-10mm on a 17 inch screen;

    the graphic to be displayed waiting for a mouse pointer to move over graphic and user to click left button, maybe with a

    sound [beep];

    if graphic displayed and no response received after a specific time [mouse not moved to graphic]audio query used to indicate 'did you see it Y/N'
    If No then program to 'remember' location;

    User clicks on all good locations training program to learn where field is missing;

    Once fully trained program goes into stimulate mode firstly presenting light grey graphic at edge of field of vision loss

    border at each location on the border;

    Program carries out same routine on border but with a half grey graphic;

    Programs carries out same routine on border but with black graphic;

    Program places graphic randomly at all locations where user cannot see field alternating shading from light grey through

    half grey then black;

    As user cannot see in the field loss area program gives audible indication of where the program is and reminds user to

    stare at the centre marker cross or dot;

    Once grey/black stimulation complete program goes into colour mode carrying out same random routine but with random colours;

    Program should last for 30 minutes from start of stimulation;

    Field of vision loss area to be 'remembered' and next time program run this area border will go through grey/black routine

    and ask the question 'can you see any graphic?;

    An extra to the program would be to produce the graphic either side of the loss of vision field border so testing the user

    to see if border has changed;

    If border has changed user can re-train program for new field loss border.

    This is the basis for the program which should be able to run in a browser. Once created a website will be made available

    so anyone can go to the site and 'train'.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Default Re: sight training

    Hello bbriggs,

    Welcome to the Java Programming Forums.

    Seeing as you have no experience in Java, this seems like a very big task. Especially as you have issues with your vision.

    I suggest Googling for an already written program which will suit your needs..
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