Hello team!

Let us introduce ourselves. 2muchcoffee is inspired open source contributors team with deep knowledge in Angular and React. We proved our technical skills and narrow Angular specialization by contribution to open source - our project NGX-restangular got over 670 stars and moreover, thousands of MVP and start-ups used it in their Angular 2/4/5/6/7 based projects.

We would be glad to share our expertise with the community, get feedback and talk to those who are interested in web app development or have an idea of own startup.

Our team writes useful articles for enthusiasts programmers. The last 2 concern decorators and we think it would be really helpful for you.

  • How to use the decorator syntax in React?
  • Customizing Сreate React App without Eject

Besides tech, the blog also presents other educational articles based on our experience.

Feel free to contact us here or through emails.
Have a great day!

2muchcoffee team