Dear Forum,

I have started a project on my own called e-chat. It turned out that the demand for the online platform is high.

Unfortunately the platform i'm planning to build is too difficult for one person(myself) to maintain both on granular and high levels. I cannot keep up with the code changes, so far there is 50,000 lines of code (not much).

I was wondering what are the possible solutions to my problem? I have 400 people registered on the platform so far, with about 20% people loggin back in at some point after registration. I also have about 5 webmasters who want me to extend the platform so that they can hook it up on their website, which will result in surge of traffic. The business model is simple and in place, of course not yet implemented.

I just dont know what to do. I am 23 and recently graduated, i have no clue how to evolve this platform. Should i go the open-source way? Should i look for a business angel? (i dont want to turn e-chat into yet another money making machine, disregarding peoples' benefits), or should i look for help from fellow software developers paying out part of the equity?

Kind Regards,

Michael Zyskowski.

--- Update ---

Sorry for the second post, the edit button would not work for me.

I am based in London, and the address of the website is at