* Do you believe your time is valuable and shouldn't be spent on doing things you don't really like?
* Do you think that instead it should be fully used for stuff you truly love?
* Are you an aspiring Java programmer or GUI-/Web-designer, who would like to create something really cool, but is overwhelmed by the amount of necessary stuff to learn?
* Do you think that working in a team is fun, inspiring and efficient way of learning and creation?

If so, than a nice programmers team is exactly what you need. And now you have an opportunity to join a new team for inexperienced programmers (1 ~ 3 years) who is just originating.

What YOU will get from joining the team:
+ Ability to focus on doing and learning the stuff you really like. Passionate on writing efficient database software? Focus on it. Love to create fantastic-looking graphical designs? Do it!
+ At the same time ability to create real-world projects. Necessary things you don't like are done by teammates who like them!
+ Experience of teamwork with a friendly community
+ Participate in creation of real projects who can yield fun now and income in perspective!

The primary focus of the team at least for the first project is building websites with Servlets technology, that's why the following skills are especially welcomed:
* Database interaction (JDBC, ORM frameworks, SQL, etc.)
* Servlet technology (MVC frameworks like Spring and Struts, Servlets, Filters, Tags, deployment...)
* Web-design
* Software architecture

However, everyone who has passion to programming is welcomed! If you are interested, please contact me via PM.