Java Programming - Online Course


This online course provides students with an excellent choice for beginning to learn to program using the Java programming language. This course is intended for students with little or no programming experience.

Why to learn Java?!

- This course will teach you how to program and how to think like a good programmer.
- If you are new to programming world, and want to discover what is really inside this universe, i advice you to start learning Java, it'll help you to lean any other programming language in a few months, like C#, C++/C ..etc.
- If you are already taking this course at your college or university, and you are not good well at Java, i promise you after the end of my course you will get the highest courses.
- My course is not not only for beginners, it's also for those who knows the basics and fundamentals of this language, as i'll provide you with some tips and great tricks in programming that you are not familiar with!
- As you know, the Android market is public now. With my Java course you can directly go and learn Android with just a few days, and as you know Android is likely in Java syntax programming, so it's will help you a lot.
- You'll make some wonderful apps by this course.
- You can even after finishing from my course, go to teach other students and get some money, so it can be also a business for you.

Course outline: (30 hours)

1) Introduction To computers, Java and programs:
  • This section will teach some general information about Java history.
  • How your code get complied and run.
  • Installing your IDE, which will be probably NetBeans, and i'll teach you exactly how to use everything you will need in it.
  • You'll create a simple Java program.
  • And how to compile and execute a program using both your IDE and command prompt.
  • GUI ( displaying your first program in a dialog box ).

2) Elementary Programming:

  • Reading Input from console.
  • You will be familiar with Identifiers and variables.
  • Assignment statements and Assignment expressions.
  • How to name a constant, and what is the numeric data types and operations.
  • How to display the current Time GMT at your app.
  • General information about The "String" type.
  • You will also now, what is a compilation, logic, and runtime error.
  • Getting input from users using GUI " Graphical User Interface ".

3) Selections:

  • Boolean data type.
  • If statements, and some good ways to avoid compilation errors while you are programming.
  • Two-way If statements.
  • Nested if statements.
  • Common errors to avoid while using selections in programming.
  • Logical operators.
  • Switch statements.
  • Conditional Expressions.
  • GUI confirmation dialog.

4) Loops:

  • The while loop.
  • The do-while loop.
  • The for loop.
  • When to use one of those loops, and how to use nested loops together.
  • GUI controlling a loop.

5) Methods:

  • Defining a method.
  • Calling a method.
  • Differences between pass-by-value and void methods.
  • Overloading Methods.
  • The scope of variables.
  • The "Math" class, and how to use this class in finding some mathematics problems.

6) Single - Dimensional Arrays:

  • Array Basics.
  • The benefits of using arrays.
  • How to declare, create single - dimensional arrays.
  • Copying Arrays, using many ways.
  • Passing arrays to methods.
  • Returning an array from a method.
  • Searching arrays.
  • Sorting arrays.
  • The "Arrays" class.

7) Multidimensional Arrays:

  • Two - Dimensional array basics.
  • Processing Two - Dimensional arrays.
  • Passing Two - Dimensional array to a method.
  • How to code "Sudoku" game, it's a famous one that you can find it at almost every phone today.
  • Multidimensional Arrays.


Strategy of teaching the course:

  • This is an online course, it'll be using many online tools to teach you and to deliver you the knowledge.
  • We'll use Skype, emails, Gmail and many contacting methods. I'll chat with students and teach them.
  • Every student will have a special class, which means i'll chat you via skype, MSN...etc. And if every single tiny thing you will understand by this way, because it'll be attractive somehow.
  • Every student will have 3 days at the week, 2 hours/day. At the end of everyday, i'll send you to your email all the important points that we discussed while chatting, and will also send you a simple homework to program, it'll be better if you avoid copying-pasting.
  • I'll provide you with many coding examples, and we will use other chatting programs to deliver my point, for example we will use MSN to send you diagrams and graphs to make every single thing is clear to you.
  • We might also need to contact with each other via voice mail, and maybe video contact.

How to register at this course?!

  1. The priority for the students who paid first. This course will cost you only $99.
  2. After sending me the transaction ID, you need to give me all your contacts info.
  3. You must have at least Skype + gmail + MSN/email, all of them you need to send me here via a PM.
  4. You can send me your phone number " it's optional ".
  5. 5 students maximum can register at this course, i can't afford more than 5.
  6. Send me a PM, for more information about registration.

My Guaranties:

  1. If 25% passed from the course and you didn't understand what i teach you, or you don't want it anymore, i can refund you the money 100% without any problems.
  2. You won't just be a good programming student at the end of the course, moreover you will be a good programming teacher .
  3. By taking this course, you can learn any other programming language very fast with a few months.. maybe weeks.
  4. You will take 30 hours for this course, by the end you will be familiar with all the course outline.