Hello Java Community,

Alright, here is my confession. I am new to Java and boy did I find a new addiction. I started learning Java and I thought why not just build my own program. As I did this, I quickly had new ideas for my program that was out of my programming scope. I truly want to learn java and really become a java god or at least do it to the best of my potential. Anyway, here is were the juicy part comes in or not so juicy depends on your perspective. I grabbed some code to play a wav. file and didn't fully understand the code. You got it out of me. How should I handle this? Should I learn the code and why it works, or wait till I become more skilled full? I mean do you all condone this behavior. I feel as almost as if I cheated. I don't know I don't want to cheat myself out of truth knowledge. Can you all understand or am I just overreacting? Truth be told, we all had to start somewhere. I just feel like I might of skipped a bit. But my program plays sound now. From what I can tell, playing sound is not an easy task in java.