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Thread: Why no emphasis on commenting

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    Default Why no emphasis on commenting

    Most of the code I see posted by students contains no comments. When asked about it, some say they only do it before turning in the assignment and I suppose that is only if the instructor requires it.
    I have often helped a student with code that if the student had a design for what a section of code was supposed to do and wrote comments describing what it was to do, then when he wrote the code he could look at his design and keep the code on track.

    I guess most students don't design their code, they just keep typing and changing it until it works. The shotgun approach. Keep shooting until you hit something.

    There I got that off my chest.


    PS When I was a TA at school 50% of the grade was for a working program, the other 50% was for design and comments. A none working program could get the same score as one that gave the desired output.

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    Default Re: Why no emphasis on commenting

    For me it depends on the size and scope of the project. I had assignments which required only a simple script and and to be honest, the only comments were those with my name, the class name, and the assignment number.

    Quantity of comments does not equal quality of code readability. I hated classes where the rule of thumb was to comment every line of code. Writing effective comments (something short and concise which explains a ~5-10 lines of code, depending on difficulty of reading just the code) is something I think a lot of classes really skimp out on.

    I believe that encouraging students to comment is better than not, but if it's something that they see as a "burden" while coding rather than being helpful, they won't do it later on in their careers.

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    Default Re: Why no emphasis on commenting

    I guess it all depends what kind of person you are to begin with.

    I personally am quite organized. I've always liked to design things first and I've always left myself comments whether it be whilst programming or writing HTML/PHP code etc.

    It's good to be able to read what is going on without having to analyse the code and my comments have proven to be invaluable when going back over older projects.
    Comments are also useful for anyone else who happens to be working on the code with you or reads your code at a later date.

    When you first start programming, I believe it is very handy to get into the habit of commenting your code. It's all part of the learning process.
    If you can comment your code successfully then it proves that you understand what is happening regardless of if it is required or not.
    Please use [highlight=Java] code [/highlight] tags when posting your code.
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