Has anyone seen documentation that describes how the various color settings in javax.swing.UIManager are actually used in the L&F?

I'm not asking for a list of the keys that correspond to Color values; that's trivial to get, and in fact most of the key names seem to be pretty self-explanatory. Some of them, however, have me scratching my head and guessing.

For example: There are separate color values for Button.focus, Button.highlight, Button.select, and Button.light. When is each of these used?

It's probably possible to infer this information from a simple test, but before going through that on the fairly long list of keys, I wondered if anyone had run across a document from Sun/Oracle, or anyone else, that gives that information. Repeated google searches came up empty, just finding lots of lists of the key names.

Thanks in advance to anyone who's seen anything like this.