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Thread: header into header and table into table

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    Default header into header and table into table

    Hi, i have an idea for my program but i'm not able to realize it. Can someone help me?

    I have a list of users, and a list of match related to users. I want to make table that shown all users and all matches, like in the picture. I thought to make a table-into-table try because first two columns are sortable and, for that reason, i think that to make a single table is not a good solution. Updating matches with a single table will become harder and surely not object oriented.


    I want that the width of the green columns can be changed throught the title bar (red). My idea is

    1) To make a class (JuserMatchData) with a static DefaultTableColumnModel (headers) and

    2) call a JTable(TableModel dm, TableColumnModel JuserMatchData.headers) for every users. (Will this make the column width be syncronized?)

    3) To place a JTable without data on the TableColumnModel of the main table (black) to build the red header. To hide all headers of the "data table".

    [ 4) To add spoiler effect to hide matches ]

    Is there a better way to obtain the same results? Can my idea works or the width will not be syncd?


    I build the main table with userTable (that have only the first 2 columns filled) and userData.headers (described later).
    JTable(userTable, userData.headers);

    static userData.headers:
    headers = new DefaultTableColumnModel();
    col[0] = new TableColumn(0);
    col[1] = new TableColumn(1);
    col[2] = new TableColumn(2);
    col[2].setHeaderValue(new JTable(3,1)); //test with an empty table

    The results :\

    PS: i have the same results even i do
    MYBLACKTABLE.setValueAt( new JTable(3,1), 0, 2);

    thanks for help
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    Default Re: header into header and table into table

    Welcome to the forum! Thanks for taking the time to learn how to post code correctly. If you haven't already, please read this topic to learn other useful info for new members.

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    Default Re: header into header and table into table

    Mmm , i can't understand the difference between [highlight=Java] and [code=Java] (the first is written in your link, i found the second previewing a new thread). Do you means that i have to quote all codes (in example MYBLACKTABLE.setValueAt( new JTable(3,1), 0, 2) even if it's a single line?

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    Default Re: header into header and table into table

    more fails incoming.
    Here a new class

    public class JuserMatchData extends JTable implements TableCellRenderer {	
    	public DefaultTableModel tableModel;	
    	public static DefaultTableColumnModel columnModel;
    	public static TableColumn[] col = new TableColumn [4];
    	static {
    		columnModel = new DefaultTableColumnModel();
    		/* edit TableColumn and add to static columnModel */
    	JuserMatchData(){ //only head, for title
    		super( new DefaultTableModel(  ), columnModel);
    		tableModel = (DefaultTableModel) super.getModel();
    	JuserMatchData(user u){ //only body, for users
    		super( new DefaultTableModel(  ), columnModel);
    		tableModel = (DefaultTableModel) super.getModel();
    //HOW can i remove title?
    		tableModel.addRow(new Object[]{"IdL", "Sfid", "Gir", "Stat"});
        public Component getTableCellRendererComponent(JTable arg0, Object arg1,
        boolean arg2, boolean arg3, int arg4, int arg5) {
            return this;

    Now, in the code pasted in my first post i can replace the row
    col[2].setHeaderValue(new JTable(3, 1));
    // with
    col[2].setHeaderValue(new JuserMatchData());

    Here the result
    (for testing purpose i placed a table even in the normal cell )

    If i add
    col[2].setCellRenderer(new JuserMatchData());
    col[2].setHeaderValue(new JuserMatchData());
    i have this result

    If i undo and i add
    JUsers.setDefaultRenderer(JuserMatchData.class, new JuserMatchData());  //JUsers is the table posted
    JUsers.setDefaultRenderer(JTable.class, new JuserMatchData());
    i have no changes, and i see the table like a string, like before.

    Thanks for helps

    PS:did u realized that i have to make 4 obj for my 4 column into an obj for the columnModel that, with an object for the tableModel, make my smaller table (class that implements TableCellRenderer and extend JTable) placed into the title of another TableColumn that is into a tableColumnModel that make another JTable (with its tableModel, ofc). Is theren't an easier way?
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