Hi Guys,

I have a requirement of developing an application with the below mentioned features:

1) The application should contains Tabs(i have used tabbedPane).
2) Each tab is independent and has its own layout and its functionality. And hence i wish to have a separate class for each tab's appearance and later a separate class which deals with the action event of that particular tab.
3) Lastly i wish to leave a feature to the users, which has the capability of adding new tabs to the application and the functionality they wish to have.(without the author updating the software to a new version)

A simple example, that i wish to share is....lets consider that we wish to club our Calculator class/application(GUI), Distance Conversion class/application(GUI),Temperature Conversion class/application(GUI) into a generic application called Homeneeds which has tabs containing these applications.And later if someone wants to add their own application(ex: Stop Watch) to the Homeneeds application as a separate tab, they should be able to add it without any difficulty of changing the existing code written by the author.

Wish to hear form u guys about the design approach and few code examples if possible.