When a cell is selected on a JTable, the default behavior is to give focus to the selected cell, but does not go into edit mode (blinking cursor).
What I want is to make the cell go into edit mode whenever a cell gets focus.

This will make it easier for users to quickly identify that the cell is already editable.
Usually, the users double click on the cell because they think that the cell is not yet editable even when they have already tabbed into it.

I have read the recommendations to override the changeSelection() method.

I did not override the changeSelection() method, but what I have done is this:
// set focus to description column
this.itemListTable.changeSelection(row, 1, false, false);
this.itemListTable.editCellAt(row, 1);

Stack overflow occurs whenever I call editCell() method.
I have tried replacing editCellAt() with methods such as:

None of them makes the cell go into edit mode.

Thanks in advance for your help!