Since I tried to learn Swing, I always stuck somewhere. Then one day, I saw a tutorial in which the guy used Jigloo.

I tried that and did not like it. I found WindowBuilder Pro. And I started to practice some concepts to understand the components and the codes behind them. This would allow me to slowly learn Swing while trying my other tricks.

I wanted to try Tabbed Pane since it looked nice to me. However, until 10 minutes ago, I could not do what I wanted. What I wanted was to add a button and a label to one tab, and to add another button and a text box to the other one. But it always added 1 component per tab. I looked into it deeper and deeper. Then I found out that I had to add a panel into the pane. So here is my question:

Is the hierarchy always the same? This is what I learnt from my exploration: Frame>Pane and its Layout>Panel and its Layout>Components. If I don't add a panel into the pane, it goes crazy. So, is the hierarchy I tried to put right?

Of course I could skip the tabbed pane and add the panel into the frame and work with it, or I could add a panel into a panel too, I guess. Or could add struts and things like that.

To sum up the messy question, should I always go with Frame>Pane and its Layout>Panel and its Layout>Components hierarchy for the best practice?