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Thread: i need Image printing in Multiple pages.

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    Question i need Image printing in Multiple pages.

    Printing of the image display area is to small to read on some large displays

    Need to restrict the image resizing in generating the print output to a minimum size (to allow it to be readable) and allow the printed output to flow into a multiple pages wide by multiple pages in length if necessary. Currently it is restricted to one page.

    below is the code

    public int print(Graphics g, PageFormat pageFormat, int pageIndex) throws PrinterException {
    if (pageIndex != 0)
    return NO_SUCH_PAGE;

    Graphics2D g2d = (Graphics2D) g;

    Rectangle2D.Double printBounds = new Rectangle2D.Double(

    // Print the header and reduce the height for printing
    float headerHeight = printHeader(printBounds, g2d);
    printBounds.y += headerHeight;
    printBounds.height -= headerHeight;

    // Carve off the amount of space needed for the footer
    printBounds.height -= getFooterHeight(g2d);

    // Print the nodes and edges
    printDisplay( printBounds, g2d, 0 );

    if (footer != null) {
    printBounds.y += (printBounds.height + 15);
    printFooter(printBounds, g2d);

    return PAGE_EXISTS;


    protected void printDisplay( Rectangle2D.Double printBounds, Graphics2D g2d, double margin ) {
    // Get a rectangle that represents the bounds of all of the DisplayEntities
    Rectangle r = null;
    for (Enumeration e=displayManager.getEntitySet().getEntityEnumerati on();e.hasMoreElements() {
    DisplayEntity de = (DisplayEntity)e.nextElement();
    if (r == null)
    r = de.getBounds();
    r = r.union(de.getBounds());

    // Get that as doubles, rather than ints, and expand by half the margin
    // height in all directions
    Rectangle2D.Double entityBounds = new Rectangle2D.Double(r.x,r.y,r.width,r.height);
    entityBounds.x -= margin/2;
    entityBounds.y -= margin/2;
    entityBounds.width += margin;
    entityBounds.height += margin;

    // See if height and/or width was specified
    Unit specifiedSize = configuration.getHeight();
    double printHeight = (specifiedSize != null) ?
    specifiedSize.getValueAsPixels((int)printBounds.he ight) :

    specifiedSize = configuration.getWidth();
    double printWidth = (specifiedSize != null) ?
    specifiedSize.getValueAsPixels((int)printBounds.wi dth) :

    // Figure out the ratio of print-bounds to the entities' bounds
    double scaleX = 1;
    double scaleY = 1;

    // See if we need to scale
    boolean canExpand = configuration.expandToFit();
    boolean canShrink = configuration.shrinkToFit();

    if (canExpand == false && canShrink == false) {
    scaleX = scaleY = configuration.getScale();
    else {
    if ((canShrink && canExpand) ||
    (canShrink &&
    (entityBounds.width > printWidth ||
    entityBounds.height > printHeight)) ||
    (canExpand &&
    (entityBounds.width < printWidth ||
    entityBounds.height < printHeight))) {
    scaleX = printWidth / entityBounds.width;
    scaleY = printHeight / entityBounds.height;

    if (configuration.maintainAspectRatio()) { // Scale the same
    if (scaleX > scaleY)
    scaleX = scaleY;
    scaleY = scaleX;


    above methods am using for printing image. but in large display i cant able to read letters.

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: i need Image printing in Multiple pages.

    Please read the forum rules. Double posting is not allowed. Your other post has been deleted.

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