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Thread: Sync changing column widths across multiple JTables

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    Question Sync changing column widths across multiple JTables

    I have an interesting case where there are three JTables that must be synced together in a rather peculiar fashion.

    The first column of all tables must resize together (have this working), and all other columns must resize together.

    Here is an image of the tables:

    I would like to resize all of the "Date" columns together so that the width of these are always consistent. Looking for suggestions.

    Here's pseudo code for what I want to happen:

    if (user resizes first column)
    resize first column of other two tables
    else if (user resizes another column)
    perform for each table 1, 2, and 3
    loop through all columns 2 through <MAX NUMBER COLUMNS>
    if (column != column being resized by user)
    resize column width to match user's resized column
    Here's what I've tried:

    Extended the TableColumnModelListener and implemented above in columnMarginChanged().
    Problem: Resizing of columns in code triggers events all tables, which in turn triggers events in all tables, etc, etc...
    Attempted Fix: Remove listeners for tables while columnMarginChanged()'s
    code is being executed, put listeners back afterwards.
    *** This does NOT seem to solve the problem. The other events are still being triggered.
    Attempted Fix: Implement custom TableColumnMode by extending DefaultTableColumnModel
    and overriding fireColumnMarginChanged() to add disabling logic.
    *** Did not work. Broke default functionality of the DefaultTableColumnModel.
    Tables would not automatically repaint when structure changed or data was updated.

    If someone could give me a simple working example, OR just tell me an alternative approach to try, I'd be very grateful.


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    Default Re: Sync changing column widths across multiple JTables

    Hmm, no ideas?

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