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Thread: ISSUES in java.awt

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    Post ISSUES in java.awt

    Hi All

    I am new to java programming and this is my first code.
    I have issues in one of my java code
    It says

    import java.awt.Dimension;
    import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;
    import javax.imageio.ImageIO;
    import javax.media.Buffer;
    import javax.media.CannotRealizeException;
    import javax.media.CaptureDeviceInfo;
    import javax.media.CaptureDeviceManager;
    import javax.media.Format;
    import javax.media.Manager;
    import javax.media.MediaLocator;
    import javax.media.NoDataSourceException;
    import javax.media.NoPlayerException;
    import javax.media.Player;
    import javax.media.control.FrameGrabbingControl;
    import javax.media.format.RGBFormat;
    import javax.media.format.VideoFormat;
    import javax.media.protocol.CaptureDevice;
    import javax.media.protocol.DataSource;
    import javax.media.util.BufferToImage;

    The error is
    "The import java.awt.Dimension could not be resolved"

    I am using the version below ( java -version)

    java version "1.7.0"
    Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0-b147)
    Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 21.0-b17, mixed mode, sharing)
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    Default Re: ISSUES in java.awt

    If you want help, you should provide an SSCCE that demonstrates the problem- something as short as possible that we can copy and paste and still get the exact error (so it should still be a full class, but with almost nothing in it).
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    Default Re: ISSUES in java.awt

    Woi! I'm sure I replied to this earlier. And it was a long reply *sob* OK, from memory:
    I am new to java programming
    Welcome to Java!
    and this is my first code.
    Yeah right - as if.
    The import java.awt.Dimension
    Wait - I see some 'android' in your image. If you're compiling this for the Android platform, you know there's no Abstract Windowing Toolkit, right? Of course you don't - you're new to java programming. Why didn't you start with "Hello, World!"? Android uses the Dalvik VM which is not a JVM - you need classes from here:
    Package Index | Android Developers
    ... unless you really do want to compile an application for a proper JVM, in which case you need to find out why your IDE isn't compiling your application with classes from the JDK.

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