Howdy from the states guys. I'm currently taking a introduction to programming class in college, and we're using Java. I like to work ahead, so I've broken into using the GUI features. Right now, I'm trying to create a small quiz program to cover another subject for myself.

My problem is that I only have a general idea of how classes and methods work together, and how Swing (I believe it is) works. Being so new to the language and programming in general, this is really rather holding me up

Here's what I'm aiming for:

-Create a window which will allow me to click the button of the quiz that I want.
(I can do this part)

-When I click on the quiz button that I want, pop up the first question of the quiz.
(I can do this using JOptionPane, but then I can't use radio buttons or regular buttons to select my answer. I have to set it up to where the user has to input the letter of the answer. Right? I've done it that way, but I'd rather get to use buttons.)

-Then continue to move on to each question and be able to answer them in the same fashion.

I guess what I'm confused on is how can I accomplish making multiple frames, and also giving each frame buttons without having to create a listener for every single button on every single frame; I'd like to finish this before I graduate .

Not sure if I made what I'm looking for quite clear or not, but any tips would be greatly appreciated.