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Thread: How to use a query result to match an image resource?

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    Default How to use a query result to match an image resource?

    Good evening everyone.

    I am using SQLite and android. I am trying to match a query result with images stored in the drawable folder. I am trying to do it dynamically search and then display it into a custome listview (image + text). I am not sure how to accomplish this. I can retrieve a simple query result from the database and display the values into a listview but I dont know how to display images + text in the listview. Can anyone help me and guide me to the right path?

    The following code is part of my activity

       	  List<YAODeckHieraticBlue> valuesMainimage = datasource2.SQLDeckHieraticBlueTABLESEARCHMAINDECKIMAGE();
          List<YAODeckHieraticBlue> valuesMain = datasource2.SQLDeckHieraticBlueTABLESEARCHMAINDECK();
    	ImageView thumbnail;
         	thumbnail = (ImageView)findViewById(R.list.thumb);
         	TextView name;
         	name = (TextView)findViewById(R.list.text);
            thumbnail.setBackgroundResource ( getResourceID  ( valuesMainimage , "drawable", getApplicationContext() ) );
             //if I just take out the previous section it only display Text but I am missing the Image part in the Listview
          ArrayAdapter<YAODeckHieraticBlue> adapterMain = new ArrayAdapter<YAODeckHieraticBlue>(this,
        	        android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1, valuesMain);

    I use the following piece of code to verify if the image exist

        protected final static int getResourceID
        (final String resName, final String resType, final Context ctx)
            final int ResourceID =
                ctx.getResources().getIdentifier(resName, resType,
            if (ResourceID == 0)
                throw new IllegalArgumentException
                    "No resource string found with name " + resName
                return ResourceID;

    My table in the database looks like this:

    Table Name: [Deck name Hieratic Blue]
    column1:ID - Integer
    column2 [Card Name] - Text
    column3: Type - Text
    column4: Deck_typeID - Integer
    Column5: Images -Text

    Note: the image column just store the name of the image file without the file extention (.png)
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    Default Re: How to use a query result to match an image resource?

    Thread moved.

    Welcome to the forum! Please read this topic to learn how to post code in code or highlight tags and other useful info for new members.

    Please post your code correctly per the above link.

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    Default Re: How to use a query result to match an image resource?

    is the issue resolved??

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    Default Re: How to use a query result to match an image resource?

    It looks like you are on the right track, however you will need to create a custom ArrayAdapter to handle a list view with Images and Text. The process is:
    • Create a layout xml that defines the cell
    • Create a class that extends ArrayAdapter and overrides getView
    • Inflate the layout in getView and finally
    • Assign the custom ArrayAdapter to the ListView's setListAdapater

    There is a good tutorial here that goes through this is in depth.

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