Hi all,
I've a problem with a distributed alghoritm.

I have an agent in the main container that create throught a gui a number of agent, now i'm trying to create a class of agent that move in all container that i have in the platform.
I try to explain it with an example:

If i have 4 container and i create one agent i want that it move in all container and then it return to main container
if i have 4 container and i create two agent i want that they decided in which container they go(for example first agent container 1 and 2, second container 3 and 4) and then return to main container.
if i have 4 container and i create four agent and i want that each go into a container and then return to main-container.

There is an example of an alghoritm that do this?
Or a help where i can kind this type of information?

Thanks a lot