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Thread: Loan Payments

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    Default Loan Payments

    i have to make a table that has the payment number (1,2,3,4....), interest, principle, unpaid balance, total interest to date, and have them print the data in vertical columns. we need to use two classes. here is my main class:

    /** Program: LoanInfoEntry
     * File Name: LoanInfoEntry.java
     * Author: Clara Merriman
     * Date: 4/6/2011
     * Description: receive input and run other class
    package lab09;
    import javax.swing.*;
     * @author Clara.Merriman
    public class LoanInfoEntry {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
        double amount;
        int length;
        double rate;
                String theAmount = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Loan Amount (Dollars & Cents):");
                amount = Double.parseDouble(theAmount);
            while(amount<1.00 || amount > 1000000.00);
                String theLength = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Loan Period - # of years:");
                length = Integer.parseInt(theLength);
            while(length<1 || length > 35);
                String theRate = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Annual Interest Rate (e.g. 9.5):");
                rate = Double.parseDouble(theRate);
            while(rate<1.0 || rate>30.0);
            LoanPaymentSchedule pSchedule = new LoanPaymentSchedule();
            pSchedule.displayTable(amount, length, rate);
    and here is my second class:

    /** Program: LoanPaymentSchedule
     * File Name: LoanPaymentSchedule.java
     * Author: Clara Merriman
     * Date: 4/6/2011
     * Description: reflects monthly payments for a load
    package lab09;
    /**double balance = amount
     * double totalInterest = 0
     * double interestNow - balance *iForMonth
     * double principal = mPayment - interestNow
     * balance = balance - principal
     * totalInterest = totalInterest + interestNow
     * @author Clara.Merriman
    public class LoanPaymentSchedule {
        double amount;
        int length;
        double rate;
        double mPayment;
        double iForMonth;
        int nOfPayments;
        double interest;
        int months;
        double totalInterest = 0;
        double balance = amount;
        double principal;
    public void displayTable(double a, int b, double c){
        amount = a;
        length = b;
        rate = c;
        interest = rate/100.0;
        months = length*12;
        mPayment = (amount*interest)/(1.0-Math.pow((1.0/(1.0+interest)), months));
        iForMonth = interest/12;
        System.out.print("Payment # \t Interest \t Principle \t Unpaid Balance \t Total Interest to Date");
        for(int i = 1; i<=months; i++){
            principal = mPayment - (balance*iForMonth);
            balance = balance - principal;
            totalInterest = totalInterest+iForMonth;
                    + "%6f%14.2f%14.2f%14.2f%14.2f", c, (balance*iForMonth), principal, balance, totalInterest);
    it gives me a lot of errors. i know there's a lot wrong and i can't figure it out. any help? please?

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    Default Re: Loan Payments

    Hello clarafeb1. Welcome to the Java Programming Forums.

    What are the errors exactly? I have compiled your code and it runs fine.
    Please use [highlight=Java] code [/highlight] tags when posting your code.
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