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Thread: Javascript Bubble Sort

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    Red face Javascript Bubble Sort

    Hey guys, OK first of all this IS an assignment question so although I really appreciate your help please try to point me in the right direction as I don't want to get into trouble!

    I am trying to write a bubblesort function and test, so far I have constructed the following but it is not working when run in a browser, would anyone mind having a quick read to see if im missing something obvious? thanks!
    HTML Code:
    A program to sort an array using a bubble sort
    A function to sort an array
    Function takes an array of numbers as an argument.
    Function returns a new array with the same
    elements as the argument array, sorted
    into ascending order
    function bubbleSort(arrayToSort)
    // declare and initialise a variable to hold the length of the argument array
    var length = arrayToSort.length;
    //declare an array to be returned by the function
    var returnArray = new Array(length);
    //copy each element of the argument array to the return array
    for (var i = 0; i < length; i = i + 1)
    returnArray[i] = arrayToSort[i];
    var counter, value, tempStore;
    /*the counter sets the number of passes using the total length 
    */of the array, this way it can deal with an array of any length
    for (counter = 0; counter < returnArray.length; counter++)
    //here the starting position of the array is set
    for (value = 0; value < (returnArray.length-1); value++; 
    if (returnArray[value) > returnArray[value+1])
    /*the value to be replaced is put in a temp holder 
    */to prevent the value from bing lost
    holder = returnArray[returnArray+1];
    returnArray[value+1] = returnArray[value];
    returnArray[value] = holder;
    return returnArray;
    /* a function for testing the bubbleSort() function.
    Function assigns an array to a variable
    Displays elements of unsorted array in order
    Invokes bubbleSort() function with the array as the argument
    Displays elements of sorted array in order
    Function takes no arguments.
    Function returns no value.
    function bubbleTest()
    var unsortedArray;
    var sortedArray;
    // the array of values to be sorted
    unsortedArray = [9,7,2,10,1,4,8,6,5,3];
    document.write('Unsorted Array: ' + unsortedArray + 'BR');
    arrayToSort = unsortedArray;
    document.write('Sorted Array: ' returnArray);
    // invoke bubbleTest() to test the bubbleSort() function
    Last edited by helloworld922; May 23rd, 2010 at 06:40 PM. Reason: Please wrap html code in [html] tags

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