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Thread: Return type of converting integer to string for linked list

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    Default Return type of converting integer to string for linked list

    Here is what I am trying. I am trying to create a method that takes my object LString and converts the integer argument into an object LString. This is using Linked lists. I have a Node class which constructs and initializes nodes. This is the last method for me to complete on a project.

    I am confused on how to go about it however. I have been creating a string class using linked lists and nodes. How do I convert this integer argument into my object type of LString?

    Here are parts of my LString class that seem relevant to the question:

    HTML Code:
    public class LString{
       private Node front ;  //first val in list    *******CHANGED
       private Node back;   //last val in list
       private int size = 0;
       private int i;
       private int offset;
       public LString(){
          //construct empty list
          Node LString = new Node();
          front = null;
       //return value of specified index
       public char charAt(int index){
          Node current = front;
          for(int i = 0; 0 < index; i++){
             current = current.next;
          return current.data;
       //return number of chars of lstring
       public int length(){
          int count = 0;
          Node current = front;
          while(current != null){
             current = current.next;
          return count++;
       public String toString(){
          if(front == null){
             return "[]";
          } else {
             String result = "[" + front.data;
             Node current = front.next;
             while(current != null){
                result += current.data; //might need to add ", page 967
                current = current.next;
             result += "]";
             return result;

    my attempt although wrong:

    HTML Code:
    public static LString valueOf(int i){
        int c;
        char m;
        Node current = new Node();
        // convert the String to int
        for(int w = i;w < i; w++) {
            c = i % 10;
            i = i / 10;
            m = (char) ('0' + c);
            LString ans = new LString();
        return LString;           
           public void add(int value){
              if(front == null){
                 front = new Node(value);
              } else{
                  Node current = front;
                  while(current.next != null){
                    current = current.next;
                  current.next = new Node(value);

    My Node class:

    HTML Code:
    public class Node{
       public char data;
       public Node next;
       //constructors from page 956
       public Node()
          this('\0',null);  //'\0' is null char for java
       public Node(char initialData, Node initialNext)
          data = initialData;
          next = initialNext;
       public void addNodeAfter(char element)   
          next = new Node(element, next);
       public char getData()
          return data;
       public Node getNext(){  
          return next;   
       public void setNext(Node n){
          next = n;
       public void setData(char d){
          data = d;

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    Default Re: Return type of converting integer to string for linked list

    method that takes my object LString and converts the integer argument into an object LString.
    Is this the method you are asking about:
    LString theMethodToBeWritten(LString ls, int intArg) {
      //  create LString object to be returned by this method using ls and intArg
      return theLStringCreatedAbove;
    If you don't understand my answer, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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