I am trying to write a java program to take a details and search it on my office website and display the required information on the program window.

Here is the part of my office website

I search with my email address and the details will be displayed, This is a office website and I have no control over this.

I want to write a program in such a way that there will be a text box to get the email address and the a search button. When a search button is clicked the email address from the text box should be taken and should be searched on this site and from the results displayed the "Name " alone should be fetched and should be displayed in my program

1- I am just know little basic programing knowledge from JAVA
2- I want to know if it can really be done using JAVA
3- Where should my starting point be. Any reference or sample programs to go through
4- Any special tools that I need to use apart from Netbean

I know this may sound silly for most people but I want to get a jumpstart and any help will be a good help