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Thread: Game Logic

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    Default Game Logic

    Blitz Cyvasse(Can Anybody make Java Code for This Problem)->
    Tyrion Lannister is a master player of cyvasse, a game of strategy and war similar to chess. He has challenged
    Bronn, the captain of his guard, during Joffrey Baratheon’s nameday celebrations. In his inebriated state,
    Tyrion is finding it harder and harder to beat Bronn as the evening wears on. Unfortunately, he has staked
    too much in his pride and it is imperative that he win all games to avoid humiliation.
    Cyvasse is played with a grid of n x m cells (n rows and m columns), with tiles of grass, forest, water or
    mountains covering each cell. Players have pieces occupying tiles corresponding to infantry, cavalry, artillery
    and one dragon each. Players can attack their own pieces too. Tyrion decides to use his dragon to destroy an
    entire row of the board at a time. Bronn being not so experienced, simply mirrors Tyrion’s tactics. However,
    there is a catch. In subsequent moves, a player can only destroy a row with number of corresponding tile
    position differing from that of the last destroyed row as an odd prime. Two tile positions differ if they one is
    filled and other is empty. Eg. 1100011 and 0001000 differ at 5 positions which is odd prime. ‘1’ denotes a
    filled position and ‘0’ denotes an empty position. Both of them mutually decide to concede when they have
    no move left.
    Given n, m and the state of each tile (occupied or unoccupied), does Tyrion have a winning strategy if he
    takes he first move?
    First line contains T , the number of test cases. T test cases follow.
    First line of each test case contain 2 space separated integers n and m as specified above.
    An nxm matrix follows denoting the initial state of the game. A ‘1’ denotes that the position is filled up. ‘0’
    denotes an empty position
    n <= 100
    m <= 1000
    For each test case, output on a separate line “YES” (quotes for clarity) if he has a winning strategy else
    “NO” (quotes for clarity)
    Sample Input
    10 11
    8 11

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    Default Re: Game Logic

    What have you tried? - Matt Gemmell
    If you don't understand my answer, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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