Hi Guys ,

I am trying to do encryption / decryption for Blowfish with mode CBC and PKCS5Padding. while decrypting the cipher text it is throwing below exception. Same is working fine if i used Base64 encoder/decoder. But while trying to decryption without Base64 only problem is occurring.

Exception :
javax.crypto.IllegalBlockSizeException: Input length must be multiple of 8 when decrypting with padded cipher
at com.sun.crypto.provider.SunJCE_h.b(DashoA12275)
at com.sun.crypto.provider.SunJCE_h.b(DashoA12275)
at com.sun.crypto.provider.BlowfishCipher.engineDoFin al(DashoA12275)
at javax.crypto.Cipher.doFinal(DashoA12275)
at EncryptDecrypt.main(EncryptDecrypt.java:94)

can anyone please help on this .....