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Thread: Help me with my code (im learning Java)

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    Default Re: Help me with my code (im learning Java)

    @R0bsterz, I'm going to give you the pseudocode, see if you can follow it and code the program.
    -Create a string of "Sammy"
    -Create a new scanner
    - Print out your greeting
    - Create a string that is equal to what the scanner pick up on the next line.
    - Use conditionals statement to compare the string, with (string.equals())

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    Default Re: Help me with my code (im learning Java)

    Hi R0bsterz, I can't understand why you call nextLine() before you tell the user to enter anything. That seems backwards to me: use System.out.println() to tell the user what to enter, and then call uinput.nextLine() to get their input and assign it to uinputvar.

    if (name.equals(name)) {

    This line is a real mystery. Others have said it, but name will always be equal to name, so name.equals(name) will always be true whatever the user enters. There might be some confusion here: when people ask what you meant that line to do they aren't asking about what the overall intended behaviour of the program is (I think we all understand that), but are asking about that particular line and what you intended to compare with what.

    It can be confusing to have to spell everythin out to the computer, but stop and think for a moment. You have declared three variables in that program: uinput, uinputvar and name. Make sure you understand and can explain in a short sentence what each variable represents. "name is the name I am going to compare against", "uinputvar is the ..." etc.


    If you are really stuck with basic Java syntax (and what variables are) or can't understand the questions or suggestions being made here then the place to go to is a good textbook, or some online tutorial. I would guess that few, if any, people will be prepared to actually write the code for you.

    --- Update ---

    Quote Originally Posted by R0bsterz View Post
    i know what a variable is
    i don't fully know how to assign a value to a variable
    A line like "foo=42" assigns the value of 42 to foo, and a more complex line like "foo=bar * baz();" works out the expression on the right and assigns that to foo. So when talk about "assigning" we are just talking about the = operator does.

    i dont know how to call a method
    A line like "foo()" calls the method foo(). A more complicated line like "bar=myObject.foo()" also calls the method foo() - of the myObject object - and then goes on to assign the result to bar. (Notice how the line is read a little backwards: the calling happens first and the assignment second.) When we talk about "calling" a method that's just jargon for "using" the method.

    i dont know how to assign the value that the method returns to a variable...
    (Already dealt with)

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    Default Re: Help me with my code (im learning Java)

    FIXED, thanks for your help guys =]

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