So here's the final output.
Click 'add' 'delete' 'search' and 'trans', i get the first one. And if I click 'display', i get the second one.

Okay, so the next question is...
1. How can put up those Name of Drinks, its Price and Code Number into 'display' without interfering the codes of course? Means i want it to stay there, fixed.

2. If already get the Menu List on the 'display' part, of course i can do the 'add' 'delete' and 'search' part right? So how can i save the process of adding and deleting without much of a hassle? I mean, we can see the 'save' button cannot be click. I still try to figure out though.

3. If all of those are okay, then it's time for 'transaction' part. What do you think I should do?
a) Should I put the Menu List like on 'display' into 'transaction' as well, so that if doing the transaction process, i could just click one of the list and check out?
b) Or should I put up another buttonbox call 'cart out' at the 'search' and 'display' part and a buttonbox call 'total' at 'transaction' part, where if i click that 'cart out' buttonbox on
several drinks, it will go to 'transaction' part, and there i can just click 'total' buttonbox for the final total price of the drinks?
c) any idea other than other?

Thanks in advance