i have been given exercises that i need to complete by Friday but i really need your help. on step 1 where it says on member id consists of unique sequence, this is where i need help. i dont know what codes i should put there.
i already done the constructor and accessor.
i would appreciate your help.
Step 1: a simple Member class
Write a simple Member class which has three private fields name, id and pinNumber. The member ID consists of a unique sequence of letters and digits* of length at most 10 and the pin number consists of a sequence of four digits. The constructor for the class should be passed suitable arguments to initialise the three fields whenever a Member object is created.
The class should include suitable accessor methods.
Step 2: a simple Store class
a) Write a simple Store class to represent the store. The constructor for the class should be passed the name of the store which is then stored in a field storeName. A second field total should record the amount of money taken at the checkout.
b) Write a method for the class, called memberRegister() which allows the member to gain entry to the store. This method is passed the member's name, id and pin number as parameters and then creates a Member object which, for now, is temporarily stored in a local variable member.
Do not attempt to validate the id and pin number -- a more realistic model would not need the name but would check for a valid pin number for a given id.
Finally , this method outputs a welcome message (using Member accessor methods) to a terminal window in the format similar to
Salford Thrifty Store: Welcome Andy (id:SGT006732)
where Salford Thrifty Store is the name of the store.

there are 2 more steps but i need to do those first...

these are the codes i have done so far for step 1 but need help in sequence of memberid and pinnumber? any help would be appreciated...

public class Member
    //initialising variables
    private String name;
    private String memberId;
    private int pinNumber;
     * Constructor for objects of class Member
 public Member(String setName, String setMemberId, int setPinNumber)
        //assigning variable values
        name = setName;
        memberId = setMemberId;
        pinNumber = setPinNumber;
        //initally default value given
        memberId= null;
        pinNumber = 0;
    public String getName()
        return name;
    public String getMemberId()
        return memberId;
        public int getPinNumber()
        return pinNumber;